Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Integrated Management System supports high performance and high value strategy of the Sentio Group as well as integrates our Mission, Vision and core values. Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy is to demonstrate our commitment from the Top Management to field personnel to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment highest standards within our activities.
The Sentio Group aims to not only satisfy but also exceed customers’ expectations by providing Quality Services with Health, Safety and Environment consideration of everything we do.

The Aim of the Company is therefore to:

• Provide a safe and healthy working environment for all personnel, including own employees and other interested parties with a commitment to preventing injury, avoiding ill health and protecting environment.
• Develop, implement and maintain Quality, Health, Safety and Environment System that complies with or exceeds requirements and drives continuous improvement in all areas of our business.
• Train and develop the competence of our people to the standard required for delivery of first ­class quality products and services to clients while demonstrating our commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment.
• Plan and conduct our activities responsibly and in a manner that will assure the protection and safety of our staff, interested parties and the environment.
• Develop and continually promote a Health and Safety awareness culture throughout the organization.
• Identify and comply with all legal and other requirements.
• Ensure that a suitable system of identifying, assessing and adequately control of health, safety and environment risks is established and maintained.
• Ensure that all employees are aware of their statutory duties and take reasonable care of themselves, others and the environment. All personnel shall involve in consultation and participation in health and safety matter.
• Actively promote the involvement of all personnel in all Quality, Health, Safety and Environment related matters.
• Provide a framework for setting Company’s objectives related to quality of services, health and safety of employees and interested parties and protection of environment.
• Ensure that all objectives are achieved to promote continual improvement.